Smart Alex (Lecture Notes - PDF)

Smart Alex (Lecture Notes - PDF)

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Death To The Envelope
- Bank Night without the Envelopes.
Featuring the Lost Wallet Game and the 60/100 Gimmick aka ‘Transfer’ - display 3 bank notes or 5, noting added or taken away!

Tel. - An ingenious peek of a spectators PIN


The Two Tenners - Introducing the Subconscious Switch
“One of the most breathtakingly ingenious routines I've ever come across.”
- Ian Rowland

Sixth Sense Ploy - A visual and dramatic way to reveal thought.


Low-High-Tech - Predict almost anything using a classic mentalism tool combined with technology in a practical and appropriate way.


Folie A Deux - aka ‘Delusion’ is a devilishly deceptive method to predict ANYTHING.

- no impression devices,
- no forces of any kind,
- no special pens,
- no electronics,
- no secret writing.

"It went straight into my repertoire and if you're smart it will go straight into yours."
- Mark Elsdon

"Simple and Powerful. Delusion is a GREAT method for predictions!"
- Luca Volpe


37th Deception Revisited - You will love Alexander's take on the classic psychological force.


Do I Have To Write It Down? - Show don’t tell why you have people write down their thoughts.


Plus - Business Card Peeks - A few simple and effective ways to use ungimmicked  business cards as a tool for mind reading.