Alexander’s lecture features his own unique methods and effects for stage, parlour, and close-up performances, as well as his thoughts and experience using billets, structuring acts, and performing on television and radio.

To Book Please Email: alexthemindreader@gmail.com


Praise for Alexander Marsh:

“Having booked many lecturers for my annual MINDS conference, I was highly impressed with Alex's promptness and professionalism throughout the booking process. The lecture he gave was both highly entertaining and informative and as such reaped rave reviews from each and every delegate in attendance. Alex is a huge talent and I have no hesitation in recommending him!”

- Michael Murray


“Alex is one of my favourite mentalists. He knows more about presenting entertaining mentalism for real world audiences than almost anyone else I know.

'The Two Tenners', which utilises his 'Subconscious Switch', is one of the most breathtakingly ingenious routines I've ever come across. It's practical, brilliant and utterly baffling, and could be a stand-out item in any show or performance.

'Folie A Deux' is a typically brilliant Marsh creation: eminently practical, highly ingenious yet cunningly crafted to deliver maximum impact and entertainment value with relatively little effort. I've had the pleasure of seeing Alex perform this item in a public show for 900 people. They quite rightly gave him the kind of rapturous reception usually reserved for rock stars in vast arenas.”

- Ian Rowland


“Alex proves how to construct and present contemporary mentalism in such a way that is entertaining, clear, well thought through and unlike so many publications actually used in the real world. Alex has performed internationally but extensively throughout the UK as part of Champions of Magic. His creations are those of a man who does this stuff nightly for humans.”

- Marc Spellmann